Assembling Ikea Furniture, How to do it

After I relocated to my new apartment, I realized I do not have much of furniture as I thought. For the best services, I visited Ikea furniture and sure enough, I was not disappointed. I came back home with new pieces of furniture ready for assembly. To tell the truth, I am not the kind to spend more than an hour doing the same thing. I took my phone and called my handyperson. He always has a way of doing things. From simple plumbing, fixing basic electricity problems, painting the walls and even doing some gardens amongst many other tasks. It was no surprise that he did not have a problem in fixing my Ikea furniture. In this article, I am going to take you through some of the steps to which he took to assemble the furniture so that you may get some tips too.
What are the advantages of hiring a handyperson?
Before I take you through the assembling process, it is important to note that a handyperson can be handy. Taking my case as an example, I have a busy career that I do not have time worth over an hour to spend on assembling furniture. My handyperson however is ready at any time to fix such problems for me thereby saving me time and effort. It is also less costly to hire a handy person as compared to hiring the services of a professional.
What are the steps to assembling an IKEA furniture?
When assembling my furniture, I saw the handyperson taking the following steps,

Assembling the necessary tools

Like in any other task, assembling the necessary tools for the job is the first step. In my case, buying an electric screwdriver having replaceable bits was the first thing. Either I bought some other tools or the handyperson already had them. For Ikea furniture, a screwdriver with replaceable bits is more useful as compared to using a heavy-duty drill. This is because the furniture has an easily chip able particleboard. In addition to that, this screwdriver will play a huge role when mounting the furniture on the wall.

Knowing the tools to use

After assembling the necessary tools, it is important that to know the right tools to use. For instance in my case, instead of a hammer, I bought a large rubber mallet for my handyperson’s use. This because using a hammer might damage the holes already made on the particleboard. Using a rubber mallet instead will distribute force evenly thereby reducing the damage.


From personal experience, I customized my furniture to have a personal touch. This happens before the actual assembling of the furniture. An example of a customization that I did is adding a hole on the backboard to allow for proper cabling.

Making space

It was important that I had enough space before assembling the furniture. I needed much space, as I could not tell exactly how big the furniture will be. This may seem as an obvious tip but there have been instances where after completing the assembly, the furniture had to be undone and redone on another day.

The actual assembling

After all the above procedures, it is now time to assemble the furniture. With a good handyperson, this should not be a problem. The good thing about Ikea furniture is that they always come with a user guide. By carefully following the steps, you will notice that the process is not as had. If anything, the process is fun. Following through the steps and watching the progress that you are making is very encouraging and exciting.


After the furniture is fully assembled, proper finishing and clearing is next in line. With the help of my handyman, I was able to clear up the living room. Sweeping, litter collection and any other necessary cleaning happens at this stage.
Ikea furniture assembly is not a hard task. With the help of a handy person, the procedure is even easier. All that you need to do is gathering the necessary tools for the job, knowing which ones to use, making enough space and finally assembling your furniture. To find a good handyperson, I looked either online or inquired from friends about the possibility of getting one. I hired the services of one with a good reputation, always available and responds to emergencies faster.